When I had been experiencing erection difficulties my doctor suggested Avanafil. It worked ideal for use and allowed we to have prolonged session.


Works good as well as afterwards keeps me personally from rolling from bed.


Fast acting (25-30 minutes) and incredibly few mild unwanted effects - stuffy nasal area. Can be taken following a meal so absolutely no empty stomach necessity.


It seemed to operate faster. I liked the way in which it dissolved about the tongue and didn't notice the unwanted effects which everyone knows that there tend to be some.


I tried Avanafil several nights ago and was happy with the outcomes. For me it worked much better than Viagra, Cialis as well as I've even attempted injectables.


Last evening was amazing! I will always be able to achieve an adequate erection for penetration but I'd lose it quick during intercourse. It would come back in some places sometimes.


This medication works. I could attain four erections in a single night with only one tablet. It works within about 30-45 minutes which is worth the cost.