Stendra, generically referred to as avanafil is one of the popular erectile dysfunction treatment applications available in the market. Many such products have been hitting the market partly because their demand is also growing. While some of them are effective and yield desirable results, such drugs are surrounded by various concerns that include devastating side effects. It is therefore important to keenly evaluate the product before use since most are self administered. The quickest way to gauge the effectiveness of such products is checking whether they are approved by the FDA. Here is a descriptive FDA approval history for Stendra but first, it is important to know what the product entails.

What is Stendra?

FDA StendraThis is the brand name for Avanafil (the generic name) which is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor produced by VIVUS for the treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. Stendra is offered as an OTC drug that can be prescribed by doctors to patients of erectile dysfunction. It acts as a male enhancer by introducing testosterone and other hormones that facilitate improved libido, increased energy levels and stamina. It also leads to other minor results such as improved sexual desire, erections that last longer and powerful orgasms among others. Stendra was first introduced in the market in 2011 targeting patients of erectile dysfunction and was later approved in 2012 as safe for use towards that purpose.

Stendra FDA approval history

Before a drug is approved by the FDA (foods and drugs administration), it must be submitted to the organization for testing. This test is done to ensure the safety of the drug and accuracy of information (including warnings) provided in the product description.

  • June 30th 2011 – First submission. VIVUS which is the name of the establishment that manufactured Avanafil (later know by its store name Stendra) submitted the new drug application for treating erectile dysfunction.
  • September 2nd 2011 – VIVUS announced on this date that FDA had accepted Avanafil New Drug Application for treating male erectile dysfunction.
  • April 27th 2012 – This is the day FDA approved Stendra for use in treating erectile dysfunction.

As clearly shown in the above approvals, Stendra is only safe for use to treat erectile dysfunction and should never be abused for any other feeling or result. It is the first FDA approved new drug for erectile dysfunction and can be taken only 15 minutes before the sexual intercourse. It is advisable to purchase Stendra from credible licensed stored that can guarantee original genuine quality products. This will prevent you from the risks associated with counterfeit products.