Erectile dysfunction is usually associated with older men but research has revealed that this condition is becoming increasingly frequent among young males. Men below 40 years of age are now being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. This is ironic because this is when males attain sexual peak. Physical problems are usually to blame among older men but the condition is usually caused by psychological issues in younger ones. 

Performance Anxiety

Younger men can suffer from erectile dysfunction when they worry about their performance in bed. An overwhelming desire to please a partner can make it difficult to get or sustain an erection. There is a lot more pressure on younger men to prove that they can satisfy their partners. Performance anxiety tends to cause temporary erectile dysfunction but it can become permanent if unresolved. 

Drug Abuse

Drug use has also been associated with erectile dysfunction among young males. Abusing prescription drugs used to treat elevated blood pressure, depression, psychosis, and convulsions can interfere with a man’s sexual performance. Recreational drugs including cocaine and marijuana have also been linked to the condition. Some men assume that alcohol boosts their performance but too much can actually lead to sexual dysfunction. High alcohol quantities will reduce both sexual ability and desire. 


young men EDYoung men who are under a lot of pressure from their jobs or relationships can suffer from erectile dysfunction. Stress can reduce a man’s libido and ability to sustain his erections.


Overweight or obese young men are more likely to get erectile dysfunction. Excess weight can make a man prone to vascular disease or diabetes, which are associated with this condition. Morbidly obese men can also experience physical restrictions that make it difficult for them to engage in sex. 

Treatment Options

Counseling has proved effective for dealing with the various psychological issues that lead to erectile dysfunction among younger men. Sex therapy can help men address their concerns. Medication is not always necessary especially for males who have previously had normal sexual performance. 

Young men should avoid performance enhancing drugs such as Viagra. The drugs should only be used after consulting a medical professional. They are usually designed for men who have not attained success with non medical interventions. 

Regular exercise can also be quite helpful because it reduces stress. It may be necessary to get professional assistance to overcome anxiety. For men who are in relationships, it is advisable to communicate with your partner about any sexual concerns. This can ease the pressure to perform.